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Early Parenting
Consultations & Workshops
from Birth to Toddler Years

Raising little ones away from home? Don't worry, we've got your back! We will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate your journey in Singapore from birth to toddlerhood with confidence. Because parenting isn't just a matter of instinct, it's a learnable art - especially when you're doing it far from family and childhood friends.

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Dora Barta,

Early Parenting Educator, Postnatal & Infant Care Doula, founder of Kids Actually

Welcome to Kids Actually, where expert advice and a dash of humor meet to make your journey through parenthood while living in Singapore a little bit easier.

As a mother of two who has been raising an active boy and a sweet girl in our Little Red Dot since their birth, I understand the ups and downs of parenthood while living abroad, away from family and childhood friends all too well.


That's why I've made it my mission to help new and expectant parents navigate the joys and challenges of becoming a new parent, both on a practical and emotional level, through my courses and services.


Parenting Sessions
in Private or in a Group



Get personalized advice, tailored solutions, emotional support, and problem-solving strategies in a one-on-one setting in the comfort of your home. Learn all about breastfeedingbaby sleep strategies and baby care before your bundle of joy arrives, or book our professional baby proofing service to ensure the utmost safety for your crawler in your house. Are you considering baby-led weaning but don't know where to start? Let us guide you. Book a session now to get the unique support your family needs!


Experience the power of community to connect through shared experiences. Join us for informative prenatal and postnatal group classes. You can learn everything about the Fourth Trimester (including baby care, baby sleep, breastfeeding and much more). Additionally, our Mommy Circle class provides emotional support for new moms, while our Baby-led Weaning workshop offers guidance on introducing solids without pureeing. Join our group sessions today and connect with other parents in this exciting journey!


Parents Recommend

Emoke S.

“Being in Singapore without your family and relatives having a baby is a challenge. You don't have help here with you who you can instantly ask for advice.


Dora is someone I can always turn to. And she has the best advices when it comes to parenting. She always has pointed me towards the goal and she guided me through the next step.


She is really good in showing different solutions for the problem and I can choose what I feel most comfortable with.I would recommend her to coach you through parenting and pregnancy.

Ivana F.

“Originally, I was looking for a Baby Care course for my helper. As a first-time expat mom without family around I wanted her to be a pro in looking after my baby. After talking to Dora, I have realised that there is a lot to learn for us as new parents: even though we attended other pre-natal classes, most of what Dora teaches, like baby sleeping, baby wearing or bottle feeding, were not covered in those other courses. So, I decided to sign up all three of us: our helper, my hubby and myself!

My main worry was my baby’s sleeping. I was looking for a technique that would ensure that eventually both my baby and me will get enough sleep, but without sleep training with the harsh crying-out method. Dora’s techniques on responsive settling were a godsend. Now I know what I can realistically expect from my baby at each month of his development and how I can help him towards independent sleeping.

The Fourth Trimester course is well structured and to the point. Dora explains complicated, healthcare-related concepts in a simple way, helping you sail through the course pain-free. I loved the many hands-on activities using a life-like doll: the step-by-step guide on how to bath a baby or how to swaddle them. We even got to try the breast pump and different baby carriers.

Now I’m a confident mama of a 1-month-old baby boy, who breastfeeds efficiently – thanks to Dora we have avoided nipple confusion. Overall, I felt that Dora was really knowledgeable, she has answered all of our questions and we had learned a lot! I highly recommend her.

Laureen W.

I highly recommend Dora. We are so lucky to chance upon her. Not only does she cover pregnancy, the fourth trimester, and dealing with toddlers, she is the first professional baby proofing service available in Singapore.


She reorganised and baby proofed my house in such a systematic and thoughtful manner. I definitely recommend her service to all the busy mamas out there.

Dora goes beyond just dishing out educational knowledge. Her advice is personalised and practical. Best of all she implements.

Last but not least, she is very warm and friendly.

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