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The Most Useless Baby Products You Can Skip in Your Registry

When it comes to creating a baby registry, it can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of products that are marketed as "must-haves". However, not all baby items are created equal and some are just, well, useless.

Here are some of the most unnecessary baby products you can skip in your registry:

  1. Wipe warmers – Babies are perfectly fine with cold wipes and warmers just add an extra step and expense to your routine.

  2. Expensive crib bedding sets – Sure, they may be cute, they pose a suffocation risk to your baby. Stick with a simple fitted sheet.

  3. Baby shoes – Babies can't walk, so why do they need shoes? Invest in some soft soled socks or booties for warmth instead.

  4. Designer diaper bags – It's great to have a stylish bag, but ultimately, all you really need is a spacious and practical bag that can hold all your essentials.

  5. A wipe dispenser for your stroller – The wipes will eventually dry out, and it's much easier to just grab a travel pack from your diaper bag.

  6. A changing table – You can easily change your baby on cushioned mat on the bed, the floor or any flat surface. Plus, they grow out of it quickly and it becomes unnecessary.

  7. A baby food processor – A blender or a simple hand masher will do the job just as well. Or choose Baby-Lead Weaning when intoducing solids, then no blending is needed at all! Our BLW workshop is coming soon!

  8. A diaper pail – A regular trash can with a lid will suffice, and save you the extra cost and smell.

In conclusion, when it comes to baby products, it's important to choose what you actually need and what will make your life easier. Don't be swayed by the marketing and hype, and remember that your baby will likely outgrow or not even use many of the items on your registry.

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